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About Us

Airdate.me is a new TV online Guide. It’s a place to find out more about your favorite shows, find and explore new tv shows and series, read episode reviews, keep up with breaking news, and join growing Communities with other fans.

Our mission

Airdate.me was created by a group of television enthusiasts who love everything from Shameless to Walking Dead. It was hard to track for our favorite tv series start dates, tv premieres 2016, list of tv shows airing now, shows returning this fall or this week on IMDB, HBO, Netflix, CW and AMC. So we launched Airdate.me - site where you can list all of your favorite TV shows and create schedule for You to track.

How many times do you ask yourself: what upcoming tv premieres, or when new season start dates of Game of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black and Vikings, or maybe You searching for shows returning this fall? Now You have Airdate.me to worry about that thing for you. We will create a list of yours tv shows, put them into schedule and warn you about tv premieres this week of the best shows on tv. You can look at our list of top ten tv shows, read some news about upcoming tv premieres and choose your number 1 show.

How can I submit a show?

Are we missing a show? Would you like us to add a show that you’d like to submit to? Email us at airdate.me or click ADD SHOW button and be sure to include as much detail as possible, with a source of information for the show you are requesting.

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